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  • mini wind generator RS-545B
  • mini wind generator RS-545B body
  • mini wind generator RS-545B bottom

The RS-545B is optimized DC Motor for mini wind turbine. Not like the normal DC motor, the RS-545B start torque is very small, you can easily spin the axis by fingers.

The RS-545B is light weight and small size, the output efficiency is very high. It's very suitable for mini wind turbine and small water turbine.


  • High output efficiency, >80%.
  • Small size, very compact and portable.
  • Light weight, only 170g (approx).
  • Low start torque, very easy to spin.
  • Low noisy, silent working.
  • Long operating life, >4,000 hours.

Output Curve:

Small Generator RS-545B output voltage curve


mini wind turbine generator RS-545B dimension


mini 12VDC wind turbine

Mini 12V DC Wind Turbine

This mini wind turbine is very compact and easy to install. It include mini generator RS-545B, blades, housing and mounting parts.

This wind turbine is small and portable, you can put it into bag. And it's easy to mount on roof, bicycle, trees etc, it's suitable for camping, hiking, and travelling. You can use this wind turbine to light bulb, charge mobile phone and ipad in anywhere.