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  • mini water power generator
  • mini water power generator
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The YAF-21 is small hydro generator, single phase, DC output. The generator has good sealing performance, no leakage in working.

The YAF-21 is used in water flow monitor, smart shower and small hydro turbine, etc.


  • High efficiency output power, >80%.
  • Small size, very compact and portable.
  • Light weight, 200g (approx).
  • Low noisy, silent working.
  • Long working life, >5,000 hours.

Output Curve:

mini water power generator pressure curve mini water power generator output curve


mini water power generator dimension


Smart Water Flower Monitor

This small hydro generator is used in water tube monitor. The monitor is powered by running water, no batteries needed. The engineer can analyse the water flow situation according to the generator output voltage.

This small hydro generator also can be used in smart shower with LED light. The color of lights changes automatically according to water flow changing.