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  • Small alternator YAF-80B
  • Small alternator YAF-80B body
  • Small alternator YAF-80B bottom

The YAF-80B is single phase, permanent magnet alternator, AC output. The housing is made of high impact resistence nylon, the generator is light weight and portable. It's shaft output, you can install gear, pulley, and wind blades etc.

The YAF-80B is widely used in human power system and small wind turbine.


  • High efficiency output power, >85%.
  • Small size, very compact and portable.
  • Light weight, only 1.8kg (approx).
  • Low noisy, silent working.
  • Long operating life, >5000 hours.

Output Curve:

Small Generator YAF-80B output voltage curve


Small Generator YAF-80B dimensions


Small Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

This small VAWT is made for the marine and street. It is small and portable, very easy to be mounted on boat and roof. It supply the power to the radio, street light, signal etc.

This smal vertical axis wind turbine can be installed at any places. That's very useful to the mountain, beach, island and other remote area.

Renewable Electrical Power for Undeveloped Villages

The new type generator brings renewable, electric energy to remote areas to light schools, clinics, homes and micro-businesses. The electricity for the light is generated by the human power system a clean-tech, human pedal powered electrical generator with an energy distribution system.

It designs and delivers simple solutions that can be adopted by local peoples and literally alter a way of life in undeveloped villages of the world.