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  • small alternator YAF-54
  • small alternator YAF-54 side
  • small alternator YAF-54 bottom

The YAF-54 is single phase, permanent magnet alternator, AC output. The housing is made of high impact resistence nylon, the generator is light weight, very compact and portable. The bottom have 3 screw holes, it's easy to mount.

The YAF-54 is broadly used in agriculture machinery, human power generator, small wind turbine, small hydro turbine, etc.


  • High output efficiency, >85%.
  • Small size, very compact and portable.
  • Light weight, only 550g (approx).
  • Low start torque, very easy to spin.
  • Low noisy, silent working.
  • Long operating life, >10,000 hours.

Output Curve:

Small Generator YAF-54 Output Curve


Small Generator YAF-54 Dimension


Revolving door ouput electricity

Revolving Door Supply Electricity To The Buildings

It's amazing the everyday items around us that can be equipped and take advantage of all the energy we throw at them everyday. This revolving door contain a small generator that harnesses human power energy and redistributes electricity to an output, and an output device that maps the harnessed energy.

The revolving doors in large buildings are always in use at any given moment during the day and by capturing that kinetic energy. This project can provide free electricity to the installation site.

Human powered computer

Pedal Powered Computers In Remote Areas

Pedal power laptop is a pedal powered machine that uses nothing but pedal power to operate the laptop. The system is set up so that just about anyone with two legs would be able to power the laptop and they claim that even a third grader can step up to the pedal power laptop computer and get to work with no problems.

The whole model is currently under observation and there are about 2,500 of the prototype computers in circulation in different parts of Afghanistan. They success of the system will be evaluated and tweaked as needed to create a successful learning environment without the need for power for the computers.

Water power barrel turbine

Water Powered Barrel To Supply Energy

The Hydro-Electric Barrel is a spinning water wheel that floats on the water surface and turns in the current. The spinning motion drives permanent magnet generators inside. It could generate enough power to light banks of LEDs and light up bridges, buoys, or even charge mobile devices in off-grid areas and developing countries.

Because it sits on water surface, it doesn't disrupt the environment as much as other hydro-power technologies.

Darries vertical alix wind turbine

Darrieus Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

This wind turbine can supply the power for the army and the civilian. It is useful to the army communication, family daily use, school life, moterology and hydrology work, microwavee telecommunication, navigation mark, railway signal, advertising board, roof light and roof view light, villa light and boats.

Such system is a silent Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, thus makes it possible to be installed at any places including in some bad locations like on the roof of the house, on the boat, in the snow area and on the lighthouse and in the sea or river area.