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   Micro Alternator (CMC-63)


                  Application:   Mini Wind Turbine

                                            Micro Hydro Turbine

                                            Human Power Generator

                                            Emergency Electric Appliance

                                            Fitness Device




1 Standard working condition
1-1 Rotate speed                           3000 r/min
1-2 Rotate direction                     CW & CCW
1-3 Working temperature           -10℃~ +60℃
1-4 Relative humidity                   30%~90%

2 Electrical performance
2-1 Output voltage                         10-18V
2-2 Output current                          1.6A
2-3 Phrase                                         3
2-4 Start torque                               1000

3 Mechanism performance
3-1 Axial clearance                      0. 5~1.0 mm
3-2 Mechanical noisy                  <50DB under rated voltage and non-loaded
3-3 Weight                                     160g
3-4 Life                                            >2000h
3-5 Appearance clean, no rust, no scrape, firm structure

This hand dynamo is suitable for charging for small accumulator, therefore, it needs to change alternating current to direct current and it should commute and filtering.
The schematic diagram of circuit is as following:

F: Dynamo, there is no phase sequence for three output leads that can connect with D at random
D: Diode
C: Electrolytic capacitor 


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