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  • micro generator CMC-30
  • micro generator CMC-30-bottom

The CMC-30 is three phase, permanent magnet alternator, AC output. This generator is brushless, have long operational lfe and very low mechanical noisy.

The CMC-30 is widely used in mini wind turbine, human power system, mini hydro turbine, etc.


  • High efficiency output power, >85%.
  • Light weight, only 65g (approx).
  • Low start torque, very easy to spin.
  • Low noisy, silent working.
  • Long operating life, >5,000 hours.


    Standard working condition

  • Rotate speed3000 r/min
  • Rotate directionCW & CCW
  • Working temperature -10°C~ +60°C
  • Relative humidity30%~90%

    Electrical performance

  • Load voltage 4V (load 4.5Ω)
  • Load current 0.9A (load 4.5Ω)
  • Phrase 3

    Mechanism performance

  • Axial clearance 0. 5~1.0 mm
  • Mechanical noisy <50DB under rated voltage and non-loaded
  • Weight 65g
  • Appearance clean, no rust, no scrape, firm structure

Schematic Diagram:

micro alternator CMC-30 circuit diagram


micro alternator CMC-30 dimension


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School Tutorial Wind Set

This tutorial wind set is a good solution for teaching renewable energy. The sets feature modular components for flexibility as well as easy set up and use, and allow experiments across the whole range of hydrogen applications, including automotive applications, solar, and wind experiments.

The wind turbine can be run indoors with ordinary table fans, or in any breeze. It can be paired with the PEM electrolyser cell to allow a number of experiments in the realm of renewable energy.

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The brace could be used by campers and soldiers to power GPS locators and satellite phones in areas with limited access to electricity. It could also charge prosthetic knees, eliminating the need for periodic surgery to replace the batteries in the joint.