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  • micro generator CMC-29 side
  • micro generator CMC-29
  • micro generator CMC-29 bottom

The CMC-29 is three phase, permanent magnet alternator, AC output. This generator is brushless, have long operational lfe and very low mechanical noisy.

The CMC-29 is widely used in hand crank charger for mobile phone, hand crank radio, emergency light, etc.


  • High efficiency output power, >85%.
  • Small size, very compact and portable.
  • Light weight, only 53g (approx).
  • Low start torque, very easy to spin.
  • Low noisy, silent working.
  • Long operating life, >5,000 hours.


    Standard working condition

  • Rotate speed3000 r/min
  • Rotate directionCW & CCW
  • Working temperature -10°C~ +60°C
  • Relative humidity30%~90%

    Electrical performance

  • Load voltage 5V (load 4.5Ω)
  • Load current 0.9A (load 4.5Ω)
  • Phrase 3

    Mechanism performance

  • Axial clearance 0. 5~1.0 mm
  • Mechanical noisy <50DB under rated voltage and non-loaded
  • Weight 53g
  • Appearance clean, no rust, no scrape, firm structure

Schematic Diagram:

micro alternator CMC-30 circuit diagram


micro generator cmc-29 dimension


Hand Crank Self Powered Radio

This is a compact size flashlight radio with 1W longer lasting powerful LED can be with you in camping, backpacking, hiking or any other outdoor activities. The charging is manual hand crank to wind up the internal micro generator to power battery.

The radio is able to charge phones, play the radio and flashlight at the same time, but that is too fast to run out of the power. This radio can be used 10-12 hours after fully charged.