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   7. Does the alternator generate AC or DC?

The alternator output is AC, if you need DC, you can use diodes to transfer AC to DC.

   8. If the alternators can survive in the high temperature environment?

   The YAF-54, YAF-80B and CMC-30 housing material is reinforced nylon, just color is different. It can bear the 120-155 ℃.

   9. What's the alternator CMC-30 using life? 

   When the speed at 3000rpm, the CMC-30 life is ≥3000 hours.

   10. If can make alternator output 24V?

    We can make alternator YAF-54, YAF-80 and YAF-80B output 12V, 16V, or 24V etc. We can customize the specification according to
    customer's requirements.

   11. What's the alternator weight?

YAF-54: 0.65kg

   YAF-80: 3.00kg

   YAF-80B: 2.0kg

   CMC-30: 0.065kg

   12. If I want to buy some samples, how to pay the charge?

    We can accept the Bank transfer, PayPal and Western Union etc.





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