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   1. Can I use DC motor as permanent magnet alternator?

 I don't recommend you to do that. The electric motor structure is different with the alternator.

   The DC motor has carbon brush, after long time using, it will be badly worn. The alternator is brushless, the life is longer than DC motor.

  The DC motor start torque is much big than the alternator, it need more power to make the shaft rotation.

  When the DC motor working, the carbon brush will touch the commutator, that will produce the big noisy. If alternator working, that is silent.

   2. How to mount the alternator YAF-54 and YAF-80?

   The alternator bottom has three screw holes. It's easy to install.
   The YAF-54 screw hole is M6, the YAF-80 is M8.

   3. What's the start torque of alternator?

    YAF-54: 0.05N.M
    YAF-80: 0.31N.M
    YAF-80B: 0.40N.M

   4. How to make the YAF-54 and YAF-80 rotation?

    The YAF-54 is drived by pulley.

   5. What's the pulley belt size? Where i can buy it?

    Below is the belt size(mm). This is standard belt, you can buy from your local store. 

                    Pitch Width (bp)    Top width (b)      Height (h)

    YAF-54:         5.3                          6.0                      4.0

    YAF-80:         8.5                         10.0                     6.0


    6. What's the CMC-30 gear specification?

    The CMC-30 gear teeth number is 19, the modulus is 0.5.




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